November 14, 2008


US to detain Chinese milk products until proven safe


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today (November 14) announced that it would be detaining a wide range of Chinese dairy products at the border until tests show they are safe.


The alert comes in the wake of the much publicized melamine scandal.


"The problem of melamine contamination in Chinese food products is a recurring one," said the FDA order, posted on the FDA's Web site.


The FDA action shifts the burden of proof to Chinese companies, which must now supply evidence that their products are safe, the Associated Press said.


"We're taking this action because it's the right thing to do for the public health," said Dr. Steven Solomon, an FDA deputy associate commissioner.


In the past two months, melamine has been found in a range of products, including milk, eggs and fish feed. Companies in the US have recalled several products, including non-dairy creamer because of melamine concerns.


As previous reports indicate, unscrupulous milk producers add melamine to watered-down milk to artificially boost the apparent protein content.

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