November 14, 2008


Moscow to establish wholesale seafood market

Russia plans to put up a wholesale seafood market in Lobnya, Moscow region, near the international Sheremetyevo airport, which is seen to sell 10 percent of Russia's catch.
Director of the Federal Fisheries Agency Andrei Krainy said that on Thursday (November 13). Addressing the country's seafood security issues in a meeting of the United Russia Party, Krainy said the Moscow market will stand on a 100,000 square meter-area with refrigeration facility and a small fish processing factory. The location will be near the railway station and an airport to ensure convenient deliveries, he said.


One of the objectives in creating the wholesale market is to reduce the numbers of go-betweens and slash surcharges, Krainy said, saying "a wholesale price of the transaction in the Far East is 14 roubles, while the selling price in a shop is 120 to 140 roubles."

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