November 14, 2003



Brazil Soy & Cotton Producer Paves To Build R$15 Million Modern Hog Farm


The Brazilian farmer Otaviano Pivetta is one of the largest soy and cotton producers of the country and now paves the way to become a big hog farmer. He invested R$15 million in the erection of one of the most modern hog farms of Brazil, sited in Mutum (Cuiaba - Mato Grosso). The city along with Diamantino and Lucas do Rio Verde are considered the capital of the hog farming. The region is responsible for 65% of the state production, estimated at 907,000 heads in 2003.


The Ideal Porc farm has 6,000 animals breeders from Canada and the production will be of 150,000 animals per year. The goal is to reach 40,000 breeders per year until 2008, an average of 1 million hogs for slaughter annually. All the farm production is slaughtered at the coop Intercoop (Integracao das Cooperativas do Medio Norte de Mato Grosso), with a capacity of 1,300 animals per day. In July 2003, 30 producers, including Pivetta, exported 40 m tons of hog meat to Hong Kong.


The exports are currently of 150 m tons per month and by the end of the month the producers deliver to Russia. Intercoop expanded its storage capacity from 600 m tons to 1,000 m tons. Intercoop predicts to export 20 - 30% of its production within three or four years.