November 13, 2019


13 Brazil meatpackers approved for export to China


According to the Brazil Agriculture Ministry, the approved facilities include five pork, five beef and three poultry plants, reported Reuters.


Some of the facilities are owned by Marfrig Global Foods SA, BRF SA and JBS SA (or subsidiary Seara).


Close to US$3 billion of poultry, beef and swine byproducts were exported by Brazil meatpackers to China from January to October 2019, based on data provided by industry groups the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (Abiec) and the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (APBA).


According to APBA, there are now 16 swine production facilities that have been approved for export to China. Likewise, 46 poultry plants are now authorised for export to China.


Francisco Turra, ABPA president said Brazil has become the primary exporter of poultry to China and should now focus on increasing its sales of swine to the country as well.


Abiec said 37 Brazil beef plants in total have been given the green light to export to China.


183,100 tonnes of swine have been exported from Brazil to China in the first 10 months this year, 40% more compared to the same period in 2018. ABPA said this generated revenue of US$429.8 million for the industry.


APBA also noted a 22% rise of poultry meat exported to China, amounting to 444,700 tonnes this year valued at US$931.7 million.


As for beef, Abiec reported a 23.3% increase to 319,000 tonnes of beef exported to China from January to October 2019, for a total revenue of US$1.6 billion. This does not include exports to Hong Kong, where are calculated separately.


Brazil is a major supplier of meat to China, and new import approvals are being swiftly made to compensate for the reduced local supply of meat in China following the spread of African swine fever in the country.


-      Reuters