November 13, 2008


Bird flu continues spread in northern Thailand

Another bird flu outbreak was detected in northern Thailand, prompting a mass culling of infected chickens.


The H5N1 virus was detected in the northern Uthai Thani Province's Nong Chang district. Provincial livestock officials disinfected bird flu-hit Ban Hua Khao where chickens died of unknown causes, culled chickens and collected the carcasses for lab tests.


Despite all efforts to contain bird flu, the H5N1 virus hits Sukhothai province again, this time in a fighting cock farm in Sawankhalok. Blood and droppings samples were collected from the fighting cocks for a second lab test.


This follows after Vietnam and Laos confirmed H5N1 outbreaks, indicating that the virus is spreading rapidly.


The H5N1 strain of bird flu was recently discovered in a dead chicken at a backyard farm in Sukhothai province, leading to the cull of 270 other birds nearby.


Recent report suggest poultry outbreaks will continue to rise in the near-term.

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