November 13, 2008


All Ukraine wheat imports meet Egyptian specifications - GASC


Egypt's main state-owned wheat importer, the General Authority for Supply Commodities, or GASC, Wednesday (November 12, 2008) said all its Ukraine wheat imports meet Egyptian specifications.


The statement came in response to local newspaper reports that GASC had imported Ukraine feed wheat, not suitable for human use.


GASC said in its statement that all imported wheat, of various origins, does not enter the country except after inspection by international firms to make sure they meet Egyptian specifications and also by inspection from Egyptian supervisory bodies. 


GASC said of the 2.96 million metric tonnes of wheat imports since July, some 808,000 tonnes were Ukraine wheat.


GASC also said the Egyptian private sector had seen Ukraine imports grow from 60,000 tonnes in 2004 to 347,2000 tonnes in 2006.


Egypt consumes around 14 million tonnes of wheat a year and GASC imports around 7.5 million tonnes a year.


GASC uses the wheat to produce subsidized, or baladi, bread.

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