November 12, 2019


Poultry farm in Cebu, Philippines found to have operated without permit



A poultry farm in Toldeo City, Cebu, the Philippines, that is believed to be the cause of a fly infestation which has plagued two districts, has been operating without a business permit, Sunstar reported.


This was one of four findings a team formed by Mayor Joie Perales discovered during an inspection at Emil's Poultry in Barangay Cambang-ug on November 11.


"They found out that there was really no business permit issued (to the poultry farm)... The poultry farm, which is the Emil's Poultry, raised the chicken broilers without the necessary mayor's permit," Perales said in an interview at the Provincial Capitol.


The team, which was composed of personnel from the City Health Office, City Assessor's Office, City Engineering Office, City Veterinary Office, Public Information Office as well as employees and officials of Barangay Cambang-ug, discovered that the farm has been cleaned, "without any fowl or chicken in the area."


The farm's personnel were spraying chemicals in the vicinity when the team arrived.


"Caretaker informed the team that during harvest period, a swarm of flies went together with the hauling truck, which carried the chickens," Perales said.


"The team suspected there was a failure on the part of the management to maintain the sanitary conditions of the tunnel vent and did not follow disinfection schedule to prevent maggots from multiplying and spreading," she said.


The mayor will meet with members of the team November 12 to discuss their findings.


"We will file sanctions against Emil's Poultry... If we find more violations, I will issue a cease and desist order. The health of our constituents is much more important than the poultry farm," Perales said.


The City Government will also inspect two more poultry farms to ensure that these have permits and follow strict sanitary procedures.


A team from the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) inspected the poultry farm on November 6, after the office received a complaint about the swarm of flies in the area. The team discovered that the poultry farm did not have a business permit and had committed lapses in sanitation.


The mayor clarified that she was not aware of the Cenro inspection since the complaint didn't reach her office until November 10.

Jerry Oberes, the poultry farm's owner, presented documents to prove that the farm's operations are legal. He said safety and sanitary procedures are in place.


Oberes said he is willing to invite authorities to be present during the next harvest to prove that the allegations against the poultry farm are unfounded.


However, the mayor said she did not issue a business permit to Emil's Poultry and added that the poultry farm was not issued a business permit during the previous administration.


- Sunstar