November 12, 2008
Neospark launches aquaculture feed product StarShrimp
Press Release

Neospark, a manufacturer of animal health and aquaculture products, has released StarShrimp, which provides chelated minerals to shrimps and prawns.


Shrimps and prawns require dietary sources of minerals for growth because of repeated moultings wherein minerals are lost. StarShrimp's chelated minerals will keep shrimps and prawns in healthy condition that leads to regular moulting.


Feeding StarShrimp will achieve better survival rate, moulting frequency and best growth performance with a good feed conversion rate, said Neospark.


According to Neospark, feeding of StarShrimp will lead to,

  • Better survival rate
  • Physiological balance
  • High efficiency moulting frequency
  • Cuticle performance
  • Improved metabolism and other biochemical processes i.e. enzyme activity, electron transfer
  • Better growth performance and quality yield
  • Reduced antagonistic interference
  • Amino acid escorting the metal through the gut wall and into the blood stream

StarShrimp will correct Organic Nutrient Deficiency by providing all major macro and trace minerals to shrimps and prawns more efficiently and strengthens these culture organisms in aquaculture pond system against various stress factors.


The advantages of chelated form also includes direct absorption after ingestion, no chemical reaction and precipitation, amino acid benefit for growth, low quantity required for use.

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