November 12, 2008


Global feed acidifiers market valued at more than $1.28 Billion by 2012


The global feed acidifiers market is forecast to cross sales worth $1.28 billion by the year 2012, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.


Global demand for animal feed acidifiers and other health products for animals are forecast to increase following higher demand for top quality poultry, pork and beef.


This comes on the heels of stable demand from developed countries for meat as well as meat products coupled with escalating consumption in the developing world, improving living standards, and a swelling population is expected to propel the worldwide demand for animal feed additives.


Further, ban on animal feed antibiotics has made acidifiers the next most feasible and functional alternative. As a result, sales of feed acidifiers are expected to increase, particularly in Europe due to ban antibiotics.


Europe is the largest as well as the fastest growing feed acidifiers market in the world and is projected to cross US$500 million by the year 2012, with a compounded annual rate of more than 6.6 percent during the period 2008-2012. Among product segments, fumaric acid market represents the fastest growing segment in the global feed acidifiers market and is projected to register a CAGR of more than 6.4 percent during the analysis period, 2000-2010. Propionic acid market represents the largest market for feed acidifiers globally and is projected to exceed US$417 million by the year 2012, as stated by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.


The market for feed acidifiers is believed to expand slowly in the forthcoming years as suppliers and customers gain experience and understand the value of this yet not so familiar alternative. The future is also expected to witness high sales of acidifiers that are protected through coatings or encapsulation than normal feed acidifiers.


Predominating the global feed acidifiers market are players include BASF, Biomin GmbH, Furst-McNess, Impextraco, Jefo Nutrition, Kemin Europa, NOVUS International, Perstorp AB, PURAC America, Trouw Nutrition, and Yara International ASA.

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