November 12, 2007


Feed production in China's Guangdong province up 15 percent



Guangdong province in China's southern region has produced a record high of 10.3 million tonnes, a 15-percent increase compared to last year, according to Guangdong Provincial Feed Industry Association.


Feed output in the third quarter reached 4.45 million tonnes, indicating a 29-percent increase onyear, withpoultry feed production up  44 percent  from the same period last year.


Growth in feed for pig production was relatively modest compared to the growth in poultry and aqua feed.


For the first three quarters this year, 5.66 million tonnes of poultry feed was produced, along with 2.36 million tonnes of pig feed, and 2.17 million tonnes of aquatic feed. The increases were 20 percent, 6 percent and 18 percent respectively.


Guangdong has been China's primary feedstuff producer for four years and currently makes up one-eight of the country's total production.