November 11, 2019


November 11, 2019


Philippines' livestock producers say whole chicken prices will stay below US$3.95


Livestock producers in the Philippines have assured the public that prices of whole chicken would not reach P200 (US$3.95) this Christmas season.

The price of chicken saw an increase due to higher demand following the spread of African swine fever in the region.

Currently, the price of whole chicken ranges from P170 to P180 (US$3.35-3.55) in wet markets.

Poultry farmers said it should only be around P165 (US$3.26) as farm gate prices of live chicken are maintained between P110 to P115 (US$2.17-2.27), according to data from the United Broilers Raisers Association.

Chicken retailers, however, would like to sell at P180 (US$3.55) as middlemen and traders now sell at higher prices due to high demand.

The Philippines' egg prices nationwide went up by P2 (US$0.04) due to higher demand, poultry producers said. In Bulacan, Tarlac, and Pampanga, prices for small eggs went up to P7 (US$0.14).

Pork prices in Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac are low at P60 to P80 (US$1.18-1.58) live weight price per kilo.

Pork accounts for 60% of meat consumption in the Philippines, the world's eighth biggest pork producer by volume, with its swine industry estimated at P260 billion (US$5.1 million), the Department of Agriculture earlier said.

- ABS-CBN News