November 11, 2015


Produmix's nutritional solutions proven to improve piglet growth




Research and trials conducted by Produmix, a leading specialist in piglet nutrition, have proved the suitability of its base mixes and nutritional solutions to achieve a better uniformity in pig litters.


Homogeneity in pork production is a key issue in realising higher profits. Currently, sows' hyperprolificacy is one of the factors that contribute most to the increase of weight dispersion in litters. This dispersion means higher costs for producers, in terms of fattening management, penalties applied by slaughterhouses during slaughter processes, and health problems.


To date, the problem of lack of homogeneity has not been treated satisfactorily, according to Produmix.


Produmix's three-year research, along with field tests carried out in several farms including Produmix experimental farms and other commercial sites, certify that the use of Produmix base mixes and its nutritional programmes allows producers to obtain an optimal growth of larger piglets, and an improvement of growth in runts as compared to competitors.


The use of Produmix reduces significantly weight variations and achieves a better homogeneity during the transitional phase.

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