November 11, 2008

Japan encouraged in consuming more US commodities



The US Grains Council began promoting the consumption of eggs, poultry, meat and milk in Japan.


While Europe was the primary target for US grains, a Grains Council team in 1960 visited Japan to assess conditions there. Japan's public health officials wanted to increase the Japanese consumption of animal protein by increasing demand for  eggs, poultry, meat and milk, which guaranteed Japanese government cooperation with US Grains Council promotional activities.


Clarence Palmby, the first Executive Vice President of the Council from 1961-69, said that during visits to Japan, he met with three successive prime ministers to discuss the cooperator's activities. The Japanese trade very closely with the Council in developing projects designed to expand the livestock and poultry industries in Japan.


In fact, the Japan Feed Council became the purpose of encouraging Japanese animal agriculture and to work cooperatively with the council. The founders of the Japan Feed Council were men of distinction in the Japanese feed industry, like Shiro Kawada, who was formerly President of the Japan Feed Manufacturers Association from 1960 through 1975.


By helping Japan produce more protein and in turn make it a cheaper alternative, the Grains Council increased consumer demand for meat, poultry, milk and eggs. US exporters have been able to supply most of the Japan's feed needs ever since.


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