November 11, 2008


Irish poultry processor eyes Halal market

Cappoquin is now looking to fill in the supply gap in Ireland, where the growing Muslim community is buying imported Halal poultry.


The company plans to restructure while continuing to supply domestic consumers, as well as producing Halal poultry and more value-added product such as cooked, breaded and ethnic poultry. Plans for Halal will be implemented in the first quarter of 2009.


In addition, Cappoquin which entered liquidation sometime ago, had been successfully rescued by Derby Poultry's Perwiaz Latif, now managing director at Cappoquin, and Zahid Hussain.


Sales director Michael O'Connor said current output is up to 150,000 birds per week, but the company is looking to regain its former weekly production of 220,000 birds.


Hussain said the company is now called Cappoquin Poultry (former name Cappoquin Chickens), and will remain separate from Derby Poultry.


The liquidator sold the company hatchery to Western Board Chickens, but Cappoquin has no immediate plans to set up a new hatchery as it now purchases day-olds from Annyalla hatchery.

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