November 11, 2008


India's Choice Group to achieve turnover of US$75 million

The Kochi-based Choice Group, a major seafood exporter, expects to achieve a total sales turnover of US$75 million by the next financial year in the US alone, the company's management said.


The Indian brand unbreaded shrimp - TASTEE CHOICE - has done well in the US, said Jose Thomas, chairman and managing director of the company.


This year's turnover in the US alone reached US$58 million, and the company hopes to push that up to US$150 million by 2012.


In contrary to the statements of Anwarh Hashim, president of the Seafood Exporters Association of India, Thomas said the economic slowdown in the Western markets had not directly affected seafood exports.


Thomas said while restaurant sales have decreased, retailers are not affected as consumers in the West have turned their attention to the ready-to-eat section.


Choice caters to the retail and foodservice chains in the US.

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