November 10, 2011


Russian watchdog to ban German pig imports



A temporary ban on German pig imports will be imposed by Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Oversight on November 15, the Service's Director Sergei Dankvert said Wednesday (Nov 9).


The move follows German pig farmers' failure to cease feeding antibiotics to the animals.


Dankvert said that Russian meat suppliers instructed German farmers to stop feeding antibiotics to the animals 30 days before the animals are exported to Russia. Meanwhile, the German pig farmers did not comply, and the Russian party was obliged to keep the pigs alive for a month.


Furthermore, Germany's veterinary service is not ready to provide Russia with safety guarantees, Dankvert said, adding that supplies of pigs from Germany would be suspended until the German service provides confirmed guarantees.


Germany is one of the largest pig suppliers on the Russian market. In 2010, Russia imported 120,000 pigs from Germany in 2010 compared to 247,000 pigs imported in 2009.

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