November 10, 2011


Only 20% of Ukraine's grain sowings expected to survive winter



Only 20% of Ukrainian winter grain sowings will manage to survive the winter, according to Tatyana Adamenko from the HydroMeteorological Centre.


According to operative data of the HydroMeteorological Center, as of to date nearly 20% of sowing areas of winter crops have the normal, well-developed condition and are ready for wintering, whereas on the same date the average index should total 60-70%.

Adamenko noted that Ukraine faced the long-term drought in mid-summer, which dramatically changed to cold weather, which did not allow to plants to develop enough for successful wintering. At present, Ukraine faces the beginning of winter temperatures, and warm weather, which may correct the situation with development of winter crops, is not expected. Even in the Crimea, there is a lack of heat and nearly 50% of winter crops sowings will not provide sprout.


According to her, the situation in western oblasts of the country is a little better, which are under the influence of European synoptic processes.


Adamenko stressed that the greatest risk of freezing in Ukraine is in the beginning of winter, when agricultural plants are weak and underdeveloped.


As a reminder, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food forecasts that in 2011 the sowing areas of winter crops will cover 9.1 million ha, including winter grains, 8.1 million ha, up 147 thousand ha compared to 2010.

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