November 10, 2011


French 2011/12 soft wheat crop seen at 33.7 million tonnes



The soft wheat output of France is likely to fall to 33.7 million tonnes in the 2011-12 season (July-June) from around 35.7 million tonnes in the same period last year, France AgriMer said Wednesday (Nov 9).


The agency lowered its estimate for 2011-12 from a previous forecast of 33.8 million tonnes a month ago, as yields were down.


France AgriMer forecasts soft wheat exports to non-European countries will fall to 8.6 million tonnes, down from 12.9 million tonnes in 2010-2011, and exports to EU countries will fall to 6.5 million tonnes from 6.7 million tonnes in 2010-2011.

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