November 10, 2008

Poultry manure as animal feed poses danger


Dr John Moseki of the Department of Animal Health in South Africa said that chicken manure or droppings were dangerous when used as livestock feed.


Dr Moseki said the use of chicken manure as part of the ingredients for animal feeds was prohibited as it could spread costly infectious diseases.


He said that instead of using poultry manure as animal feed, it should be used as fertilisers in the horticultural industry.


He said animal production in Botswana was affected by inadequate feed quantities and quality, due mainly to semi-arid low rainfall, which could barely support arable farming during some years.


Mr Badubi said imported feed could put Botswana at risk, as most of the imported livestock feeds go untested.


Last year, some animal feeds manufactured in South Africa were recalled from Botswana after they were found to be containing animal protein, something which was against the law. He said the problem could arise as a result of feed manufactures and masters not working harmoniously to tackle this type of problem.


The problem is compounded by competition between the livestock and human feed industries for the available pulses and cereals.

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