November 10, 2008


Ukrainian ship repairing plant launches grain transshipment complex



The ship repairing plant in Mariupol, Ukraine, has launched a grain transshipment complex with a daily capacity of 10,000 tonnes, which accepts grain and oil-bearing crops, processes them, stores and sends for export.


The capacity of taking grain from trucks is up to 2,000 tonnes and the capacity of taking grain from railway cars is 3,000 tonnes daily.


The transshipment complex can store up to 50,000 tonnes of grain at a time and its loading norm is 500 tonnes per hour; drying machine is capable of 50 tonnes per hour, refining equipment has a capacity of 250 tonnes per hour and the capacity of each lifting platform is up to 60 tonnes.


The tanks are equipped with ventilators so that crops can be stores in stable conditions for a year.


Ship Repairing Plant, formerly known as the Azov ship repairing plant, is the biggest ship repairing and building enterprise at the Sea of Azov.


The Ship Repairing Plant is controlled by the Ukrainian Industrial and Transport Company (Mariupol), which owns 50 percent minus one share in Azovmash (Mariupol), a company controlled by the Mariupol Investment Group.

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