November 10, 2008


Chilean feed trials successful with US's DDGS



A feeding trial using the ethanol co-product DDGS, has proven successful on Chilean dairy cows.


US Grains Council consultant Dr. Randy Shaver, a dairy science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, traveled to South America this week to see firsthand results of the Council's ongoing dairy feeding trials in Chile.


In collaboration with the Chilean farm supply cooperative, Cooprinsem, and six Chilean dairy farms, the Council has arranged several feeding trials to include DDGS into selected Chilean dairy farms.


Shaver said that they are measuring milk yield and composition, and milk component yield responses to DDGS on these farms. Although Cooprinsem currently utilises DDGS in its feed rations regularly, its interest lies in the possibility of increasing the inclusion ratio with respect to milk production. The trial will test supplementing DDGS at 10 percent and 12 percent of total ration dry matter or 5.5 pounds per cow per day.


In the 2007/08 corn marketing year, Chile imported approximately 70,500 tonnes of US's DDGS, up 39,500 tonnes from the previous year. Although it is too early to forecast DDGS use in Chile, it could amount to 10,000 tonnes per month in the near future, said Jaime Cuellar, USGC consultant in Colombia.


The next phase of the trial will be in November and December, Chile's late spring feeding period where cows rely more on grazing pastures. In January 2009, Shaver will return to Chile to conduct field days and seminars where he will present the feeding trial results.

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