November 10, 2008

China's grain output exceeds 500 million tonnes in 2007


The output of grains in China reached 501.6 million tonnes in 2007, increasing nearly 200 million tonnes, or 65 percent, over 1978.


The output of oil plants hit 25.69 million tonnes, rocketing 3.9 times, meat, 68.66 million tonnes, sharply growing more than six times, and aquatic products, 47.48 million tonnes, rocketing nine times.


Per capita grains reached 381 kg last year, rising 19.4 percent over 1978, oil plants, 19 kg, surging 2.5 times, meat, 52 kilograms, rocketing 4.3 times, aquatic products, 36 kg, rocketing 6.3 times.


The rising output in grains and oil in China has provided a solid foundation for the improvement of the people's standard of living.

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