November 9, 2011


Lithuania's agreement on pig exports to Russia fail



Pig breeders in Lithuania have failed to reach an export agreement to Russia, according to the media on Tuesday (Nov 8).


 "We have failed to reach an agreement. The executives of pig breeding complexes have estimated that the cost price will grow by LTL0.06-0.07 (US$0.02-0.03)) per kilogramme if the loading stations are used, and some breeders refused to work this way. This system of exports would be advantageous only if we worked together. We cannot move as long as there are any doubters," Edmundas Adomavicius, president of the Lithuanian Pig Breeders Association (LKAA) and the head of Grazioniu Bekonas said.


Domestic pig breeding complexes were sustaining losses and had no funds for additional investments, he said adding that pig purchase prices on the local market had increased of lately.


The State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) proposed to set up four loading stations for the shipment of live pigs to Russia with the aim to lower the risk for contagious diseases to spread.


"We cannot take any measures and ask the Russians to resume the imports if the pig breeders cannot agree," VMVT director, Jonas Milius, said.


Russia imposed a ban on imports of live pigs from Lithuania due to an outbreak of swine fever in June.

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