November 9, 2011


Norway's meat consumption up 1.1% last year



Meat consumption in Norway rose by 1.1% or 2,500 tonnes of meat in 2010 as shown by statistics presented by Animalia.


The consumption rate remained steady at 50.2 kilogrammes per inhabitant, down slightly from 50.3 kilogrammes in 2009, meaning that the increase can be attributed to the nation's population growth. According to Tor Arne Ruud of Animalia, the stagnation of growth is fairly logical considering the financial crisis.


Poultry consumption increased the most in 2010 at 4%, while pork increased 3%. Beef consumption declined by 4.3% during the year, an issue that Nils T. Bjorke, Director of the Norwegian Farmers' Union, says needs to be addressed in order to maintain the consumption level of beef.

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