November 9, 2011


Russia's Rostov Region declares state of emergency


Due to an African swine fever outbreak, the Rostov Region authorities have announced a state of emergency in the regional Azovsky District, the region government's department for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations said Tuesday (Nov 8).


The outbreak was registered at a pig farm belonging to Russian agricultural company Bataiskoye as over 100 pigs have died there since November 4.


On Monday, Bataiskoye started culling 8,931 pigs due to the outbreak, the regional agriculture minister said then. Around 500 pigs have been culled so far.


Bataiskoye is a unit of Russia's Agrocom Group, which manages several tobacco, agricultural, meat processing, and real estate companies.


The African swine fever virus, or ASFV, is a contagious viral disease, which is potentially lethal to pigs and boars. ASFV poses no health risk to humans, according to the World Organization of Animal Health.

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