November 8, 2022


East Java, Indonesia firms up efforts to stop LSD


The provincial government of East Java, Indonesia, has strengthened efforts to prevent lumpy skin disease (LSD), a viral infection that affects livestock, following the detection of one case in Kendal, Central Java.


"The first case of LSD infecting cattle appeared in Indonesia, (specifically) in Riau province, in February 2022," East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa said on November 7. "Two weeks ago, LSD was reported in Kendal, Central Java."


To prevent LSD in East Java, Parawansa had asked all regional heads, especially the heads of livestock offices across the province, to take concrete actions, such as carrying out LSD vaccinations for cattle.


"If there are cows in East Java that are indicated to be infected with LSD or have been infected by the (viral) vectors, concrete actions should be immediately taken, one of which is to administer vaccines," she said.


- Antara

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