November 8, 2019


Classical swine fever kills more than 4,000 swine in Indonesia


M Azhar Harahap, head of Indonesia's food security and livestock agency said carcasses have been discovered in North Sumatra, reported Reuters.


He said swine carcasses infected with Classical swine fever (CSF) were discovered at rivers and streets, most likely disposed by producers fearing a spread of the disease.


CSF was first discovered in the Dairi district of North Sumatra in September 2019. The agency said they will continue to monitor the spread of CSF, also known as hog cholera.


CSF only affects swine and does not harm humans.


327,215 tonnes of pork was produced by Indonesia in 2018, according to estimates provided by Indonesia's statistical bureau. Bali is the dominant pork producer in the country. 43,308 tonnes of pork was produced in North Sumatra in 2018.


-      Reuters