November 8, 2016


US university develops new soy concentrate for weanling pigs



A new source of soy protein concentrate that can be used in diets fed to weanling pigs without negatively affecting digestibility of energy or nutrients has been developed by the University of Illinois in the US.


Hans H. Stein, professor of animal sciences at the UI, said the new soy protein concentrate combines a non-alcohol extraction process with enzymatic treatment of soybean meal. Soy protein concentrate is usually produced using an alcohol extraction process to remove soluble carbohydrates from soybean meal.


Stein, together with visiting scholar Maryane S. Oliveira, conducted three experiments to evaluate the nutritional value of the new soy protein concentrate product.


"Soy protein concentrate is one way of feeding high-quality soy protein to weanling pigs," Stein said. "This new technology produces soy protein concentrate that is high in digestible amino acids and energy."

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