November 8, 2011


UK's Derbyshire district council opposes pig farm application



South Derbyshire District Council voted to oppose the application for a huge pig farm in Derbyshire.


Midland Pig Producers has applied to Derbyshire County Council for permission to build the farm, for up to 25,000 animals, west of Woodland Drive, Foston. But a public consultation received thousands of objections with people living nearby saying they were concerned about animal welfare and the spread of disease.


The district council has now slated the plans and agreed to send its objections to the county council.


One councillor, Trevor Southerd, who represents Church Gresley, called the plans "obnoxious" and raised concerns about the smells that would come from the farm. Now the Soil Association, which campaigns for organic farming, has welcomed the decision.


Association policy director Peter Melchett said he hoped the county council would take the district's views on board. He said, "We are pleased the committee has listened to concerns about the risks to health this proposal poses, which have been put forward by large numbers of local residents and the Government's independent advisory body on health issues."

Jim Davies, of Scropton and Foston Community Group, which is fighting the plans, said his reaction to the decision was one of "utter relief, particularly for local families who would be closely affected by the development". A spokeswoman for Midland Pig Producers previously said the decision would be made by the county council. She said, "We are aware that a handful of local people are opposing the plans but the vast majority of those objecting are not local residents."

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