PANCOSMA's Bioactive product shows consistent efficacy in new Enterocytozoon Hepatopenae trial in shrimp

Thursday, November 7, 2019

PANCOSMA's Bioactive product shows consistent efficacy in new Enterocytozoon Hepatopenae trial in shrimp

Bioactive's department - Pancosma


Shrimp farming tends to be more and more industrialized and intensive in order to reach higher levels of production. However high stocking densities, high food inputs and low water quality stimulate the selection of opportunistic pathogens and may increase the risk of disease outbreaks. Among the most serious one are the White Feces Disease (WFD) and the Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei (EHP). These two diseases are known to severely affect shrimp intestinal epithelium and digestive organs like the hepatopancreas. To limit these outbreaks, good management practices at the hatchery and at the pond are considered as the most efficient technics. However they are often not rigorously followed and diseases are common at the farm level.

Keen on providing natural solutions to support aquaculture efficiency and sustainability, Swiss feed additive manufacturer Pancosma has been addressing this issue over the last years. Its standardized garlic extract containing 8% Propyl Thiosulfinate Oxide (XTRACT® Allium, Pancosma SA, Switzerland) has shown positive effects on the most common pathogens affecting shrimps. For instance it demonstrated ability to inhibit in vitro the growth of some reference Vibrio sp. (eg. WFD#5, ShrimpVet 2018) and also support shrimp performance in vivo when challenged by WFD. It has to be pointed out that the product distinguishes itself from the manufacturing of products composed of allicin, traditionally found on the international market: Propyl Thiosulfinate Oxide is a unique molecule and is standardized.

This new infectious trial performed by ShrimpVet in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has highlighted its efficacy to limit detrimental impact of EHP in shrimps. Shrimps infected and receiving feed supplemented with XTRACT® Allium at 100 g/ton showed a significant higher survival rate (78.8 %) in comparison to the infected control (68.1 %). It also revealed the importance of dose accuracy, in this trial the best response was observed when 100 g/ton was incorporated to shrimp feed. It is in line with Pancosma experience with bioactive compounds: more is not necessary better! These findings showed that standardized garlic tincture incorporated into shrimp diet significantly improved shrimp performances and limited EHP negative effects.

With this new experience, Pancosma is expanding its knowledge and position as worldwide leader in the use of bioactive compounds. Indeed in the current global context of expansion and among the challenges facing shrimp production, animal health and immunity have become major concerns. Our Bioactive products respond to these challenges by being at the forefront of the scientific trials performed.

Pancosma innovates with this XTRACT®, a micro-encapsulated additive based on an active ingredient inspired by garlic. This compound is well known in shrimp production but its standardization and stabilization is a technical feat.

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Article made possible through the contribution of Bioactive's department - Pancosma

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