November 7, 2019


Canada's Beef Cattle Research Council hosts free webinars until March 2020


Two upcoming sessions in November 2019 will discuss about managing pregnant cattle and how genomics are used in purebred and commercial cattle operations, reported Beef Cattle Research Council.


The other webinars will discuss how to reduce disease in newborn calves, Canada's veterinary insights, assessing winter kill and how to rejuvenate forage, preventing external parasites from affecting a herd, and new forage technology.


The webinars are completely free to view, thanks to funding from the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off and Canada's Science Cluster, as well as the invited speakers who have volunteered to share their views voluntarily.


Click here to register for the webinar and review the webinar sessions that have been scheduled until the end of March 2020. 



- Beef Cattle Research Council Canada