November 7, 2016
Lumis Biotech launches new website


Lumis Biotech announces the launch of their brand new website.


The aim of the website is to provide an updated and easier way to understand details about the customized feed enzymes offered by Lumis Biotech and more importantly, the concept behind customising these enzymes. Great emphasis has been laid in showcasing factual conceptualisation of customising the enzymes. The website would clearly help its visitors / customers to comprehend Lumis' efforts in customising enzymes as per any specific feed composition. 


The website highlights the key strengths of unique enzyme solution offered by Lumis Biotech and it clearly outlines the value created through the use of their customised enzymes by their current and prospective customers. It demonstrates the expertise in offering enzyme solutions and the innovative methodology which is several steps above and apart from any other enzyme on the market.


The company would be regularly updating the website with product launches, announcements, news, events, and more.


Lumis Biotech's new website can be accessed at:

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