November 7, 2016
China Broiler Weekly: AA broiler prices stay firm (week ended Nov 3, 2016)
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Price summary
Prices were mixed.

Market analysis
AA broiler

Increased demand for chicken products helped to perk up the prices of AA broiler, which increased1.2% compared with the previous week.
However, as farmers continued to incur losses, chick prices fell by RMB0.30-0.50/bird to RMB2.10-3.25/bird.
China breed broiler   
China breed broiler prices weakened further by another 2% over the week, as demand showed little improvement.  Chick prices stayed soft as a result of poor replenishment interest.
Market forecast
Broiler prices should gain stability as farmers who are suffering losses will limit inventories to hold up prices. However, prices are less likely to rise prominently before December due to unimpressive demand.

RMB=US$0.1476 (Nov 7)

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