November 7, 2011


Kazakhstan retains import ban on Kyrgyzstan's meat and dairy


Kazakhstan has left in force a ban on imports of meat and dairy products from Kyrgyzstan, minister of agriculture Samat Aliyev said Friday (Nov 4).


"Kazakhstan does not plan to open its local market for Kyrgyz meat and dairy," Aliyev said. "The issue has been postponed until the publication of positive results of monitoring in the border zone, which Kazakhstan is holding since August 2010 as part of a complex plan on joint veterinary actions."


Kazakhstan put a ban on imports of meat and dairy products from Kyrgyzstan on October 19, 2011. It is too early to restore import because of dangerous animal diseases such as murrain, Kazakh specialists said.


The Kyrgyzstan Antimonopoly Agency reported Kyrgyzstan exported 3,138 light beasts and 1,132 horses in 2010. Experts suggest that the real export figures can be much more than official data because of illegal deliveries.

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