November 7, 2008


Russia's Komos Group Enterprises expands



Komos Group Enterprises has announced it will expand its poultry and pig businesses.


Since the beginning of 2008, pig numbers and poultry flock of enterprises controlled by Komos Group have increased, reports Meat Russia. Compared to the corresponding period of 2007, numbers are up by 21 percent and 13 percent, respectively.


Sergey Makarov, the General Director of Komos said, usually producers maintain the livestock at a stable level. The current growth of livestock was caused by reconstruction which is being carried out and as a result, the increase of production capacities.


The reconstruction completion and implementing the operation of two re-equipped houses at the poultry plant Varaksino has enabled the company to increase the total livestock by 20 percent. Izhevskaya poultry plant shows good results as well.


Kigbaevsky Bacon reached full projected capacity of 37,000 head, the plant's livestock increased by 60 percent compared to last year.

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