November 7, 2008


Bio Sidus to boost milk output with cloned cattle's hormone

Argentine biotech firm Bio Sidus has found a way to make cows produce more milk by injecting them with a bovine growth hormone produced by cloned and genetically modified dairy cows.


When injected with the hormone, a cow could produce more than 6 gallons of milk per day, compared to a normal output of 5.3 gallons, said Andres Bercovich, head of research and development at Bio Sidus.


This method is cheaper because it requires less equipment and the only costs are what the animal needs, Bercovich said.


The company begun cloning cows in 2002 and has developed animals capable of producing human growth hormone and insulin in their milk.


Bio Sidus aims to export the hormone technology to the US, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, but the technology has not been approved for sale in Argentina.

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