November 7, 2008


India soy output may increase 14 percent on favourable weather

India's soy output is likely to increase 14 percent or 700,000 tonnes this year on favourable weather conditions throughout the season.


An increased soy acreage, which is up 8.4 percent to 9.4 million hectares, is also seen to help boost soy output.


India's soy output is seen to grow to 10.8 million tonnes during 2008-09 as compared to 9.5 million tonnes in the previous year, according to a Religare Commodities survey.


Farmers in key soy producing state Madhya Pradesh have begun sowing as early as June with the onset of monsoon, the survey said. The even distribution of rainfall in the state and late September rainfalls helped in healthy crop growth, leading to the increase in forecast. Madhya Pradesh's soy output is seen to rise to 5.7 million tonnes this year.


Second major soy producing state Maharashtra reported good irrigation facilities across the main production areas. The facilities helped farmers provide required moisture content to soil, which may increase productivity. A good distribution of rainfall helped achieved farmers' expected output at 3.6 million tonnes, up from last year's 3.2 million tonnes.


Third largest soy producing state Rajasthan's soy output is expected to grow to 1 million tonnes this year, up from 750,000 tonnes in 2007-08.


Andhra Pradesh's soy output is likely to surge to 170,000 tonnes this year on a better monsoon and good planting practices.


Meanwhile, Karnataka's soy output is seen to fall 13 percent to 150,000 tonnes.

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