November 7, 2008


Malaysian group sees potential in poultry and beef sectors

Malaysia should promote its poultry industry in the export market, while the local palm oil and beef sectors are investment-attractive, according to the deputy chairman of the World Halal Forum (WHF), Nordin Abdullah.


The poultry industry currently has an excessive output that is 120-percent more than demand, while egg production is also exceeding demand, said Nordin, adding that Malaysia could make use of the poultry industry's existing strength.


Malaysia is currently importing too much beef, which hurts the growth of domestic production, said Nordin. The government needs to address this problem because investments in the cattle industry is not fully utilised to achieve maximum potential, Nordin said.


Nordin also noted that oil palm estates could be used to rear cattle.


IHI Alliance CEO Darhim Hashim said Malaysia's beef consumption is so high that it is impossible to be fully self-sufficient.


Malaysia consumes about 140,000 tonnes of beef per year and the amount grows each year, while the country's production is able to provide for about 40-50 percent of domestic demand, said Hashim.

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