November 6, 2019


US study finds soybean feed provides more energy to swine compared to corn


Kansas State (K-State) University Researchers discovered feeding more soybean meal increases swine's energy value between 105% to 121% of the energy provided by corn feed, reported K-State Research and Extension.


For the study, researchers fed 2,200 mixed gender nursery swine for 21 days with different amounts of soybean meals. Results were compared to findings for energy provided by corn feeds.


Bob Goodband, swine nutritionist from K-State Research and Extension said soybean meal was previously thought to provide 78% of the energy value as corn.


He noted that soybean meal is the primary swine diet protein source in the US, providing a good source of amino acids - to build muscle growth.


The research will allow nutritionists to make appropriate adjustments to a swine's complete diet, and more efficient swine will be advantageous to swine producers.


He added that swine diets can be adjusted accordingly as the study has found how much energy is provided in soybean meal, anticipating developments in gain and efficiency.


Producers should consult with their nutritionist for assistance in adjusting their feed strategies before implementing it on their herd.


- K-State Research and Extension