November 6, 2008


Uruguay resumes live cattle sales to Egypt



Uruguay has resumed live animal sales to Egypt with a first shipment of 12,000 cattle and 40,000 sheep in late October.


Mecopress reports that Egypt has been an important client of Uruguayan beef and live animals for years, but the market remains closed for several years.


According to the news agency, however, the updating of bilateral agreements and sanitary agreements trade has picked up again. Four Egyptian veterinarians spent months in Uruguay checking farms, cattle and sheep flocks before confirming the authorization.


The 12,000 cattle are mainly one year old calves and young steers which are being shipped directly to feedlots, said Javier Cassarino, the man in charge of the commercial operation.


The hogget are 12 to 15 months old and will be slaughtered on arrival for local consumption. Egypt with a majority Muslim population has its own rites for killing sheep and as most Arab countries, particularly for the Ramadan festivities, imports thousands of live sheep.