November 6, 2008


India's egg prices hit a record high of INR 2.09


Egg prices have reached a record of 2.09 rupees (INR) (US$0.04). Live bird prices are also up.


The Hindu reports that the poultry sector, which had been affected until last month due to the onset of the Navaratri and other festive seasons is finally back on track, thanks to seasonal and winter demand.


For the first time in 25 years, the floor price of a single egg has reached INR 2.09 (US$0.04). Industry sources claim that this is the first time the price of egg does not chart a downward swing despite healthy production to meet the high demand in northern States that are now experiencing winter season.


An official in the National Egg Coordination Committee, Namakkal Zone, the poultry hub of South India said the price of eggs during earlier occasions have fallen due to excess production. Hopefully, the present price tag would remain stable for a period of time.


Meanwhile, Palladam-based Broiler Coordination Committee has also increased the price of live birds by INR 4 (US$0.08) / kilogramme from last week's INR 46 (US$0.96) / kilogramme.


Sources feel prices will rule firm till the onset of Sabarimala season, which commences middle of this month.


The area has a daily production of 25 million eggs of which Kerala purchases 5 million eggs while another 5 million eggs are exported to West Asian and a few African countries. The rest is meant for local markets, besides supplying nearly 20 million eggs a week in the noon meal centres.