November 5, 2020


Brazil's BRF renews poultry farming quality certification


Brazil-based major global meatpacker BRF and its Lucas do Rio Verde farmers have managed to renew their WQS poultry farming quality certification, confirming the company does not use growth-promoter antibiotics for poultry farming, the Brazil-Arab News Agency reported.


According to the WQS certification, BRF breeds 20 million birds in this antibiotic-free system.


The birds are inspected at the hatching, while growing and at slaughter for WQS audit. The poultry feed is also inspected for any antibiotics.


BRF said its Sadia Bio line has renewed its international Certified Humane certificate as well, which assures the company practices good animal welfare. To obtain this certificate, farms must provide an environment that encourages the birds' natural behaviour.


The company has managed to renew its WQS certification for four years straight. Mariana Modesto, BRF sustainability executive manager, said the company maintains its commitment linked to the sustainable growth of its business, assuring the company's production chain quality for its products.


BRF's Sadia Bio line assures livestock welfare and allows for product traceability. Consumers are able to find out which farm bred the product through the number of the lot in the package.


-  Brazil-Arab News Agency