November 5, 2020


Canada launches consultation on proposed updates to simulated meat guidelines


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced a consultation on proposed updates to guidelines for simulated meat, simulated poultry products and certain plant-based protein foods in the industry, Perishable News reported.


The industry and public are welcomed to submit their views before December 3.


Current guidelines from the CFIA state products made to resemble meat or poultry products can be termed as simulated meat and simulated poultry products respectively. One example is plant-based burgers, which simulate the red colour or fat marbling of regular meat.


CFIA said the guidelines need to be updated to include plant-based proteins that do not resemble current meat or poultry products, such as tofu burgers, lentil loaves or soy patties.


The updated guidelines aim to clarify what exactly is simulated meat or a poultry product, as per the Food and Drug Regulations and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. Rules for for labelling, advertising, composition and fortification for these products are included in the guidelines.


Canadian consumers can complete a CFIA survey online to provide their views on the subject, including how familiar they are with simulated meat / meat substitutes and what labelling information is important.


-      Perishable News