November 5, 2008


Germany's Big Dutchman presents innovative indoor fish farming


Big Dutchman is to present a new innovation in indoor fish farming system at this year's Euro Tier.


The Big Dutchman division has developed a new type of system where the tanks are no longer inserted in the floor in the traditional way, but are embedded in a bolted, self-supporting steel corset which could generate a great advantage in terms of profitability.


According to Big Dutchman, fish farmers will profit from the High-Rise-System BigPool3 in more than one way.


The innovative high-rise tanks not only reduce the constructional complexity and costs for building an indoor fish farm, they also consume less energy than conventional systems as almost no pump usage is required for fish harvesting or the discharge of drain water.


Furthermore, there is almost no thermal loss as the pools are in contact with ambient air from all sides. This reduces the energy required for maintaining optimum tank temperatures.