November 5, 2008
Pas Reform to unveil new customer service portal in EuroTier
Press Release

Pas Reform will unveil SmartPortal, a new interactive and web-based customer service portal, at the World Poultry Show during EuroTier 2008.


SmartPortal provides online access to a uniform hatchery management framework that has been devised specifically to help improve daily practice, performance and results.


Created exclusively for the use of Pas Reform customers, SmartPortal offers rapid, secure access to information, help and advice, including:

  • Documents and procedures to guide a successful incubation process, from the arrival and quality control of hatching eggs, to the placement of day old chicks
  • Downloadable Academy Publications, including incubation programmes, user manuals and installation guides
  • Access to real-time online collaboration and support, regardless of time or location

SmartPortal is available at all time and at anywhere with orders and requests at convenience around the clock. It is a comprehensive diagnostic system for analysing hatching results, and enables active participation in Pas Reform Academy forum discussions.


SmartPortal also provides access to a worldwide hatchery community, secure online collaboration for Project Teams, and gives free access to a range of hatchery related downloads.

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