November 5, 2008


Preventive measures to be taken after bird flu outbreaks in Laos, Thailand



A bird flu outbreak has been confirmed in Donngeun village, Xayaboury district of Xayaboury province of Laos, according to Xayaboury district governor, Phompan Souththivohaneas.


The Xayaboury Provincial Avian Influenza Control Committee has declared a red zone which covers areas within one kilometre radius of the outbreak. This area includes the seven villages, said Phompan.


All birds in these villages will be slaughtered to prevent the virus from spreading and the movement, consumption and sale of birds throughout the district has been banned until further notice. This ban also includes products made with the blood of poultry.


A yellow zone will be established to include villages that are outside the red zone, but within five kilometres of the outbreak.


Villagers in the yellow zone will be advised to destroy birds at the first sign of illness, without waiting to have them tested for the virus.


Phompan said the district public health office was cooperating with the provincial public health department to monitor people's health, particularly those living in the red zone. Checkpoints have also been established throughout the district to prevent the movement of poultry. These checkpoints will remain in place until 45 days after the last case of the virus is identified.

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