November 5, 2003



CEEC Region's 2002 Pig Herd Rise By 8%

Figures released by the European Commission show that the size of the pig herd in the CEEC (Comite Europeen des Economistes de la Construction) region in December 2002 stood at 39.1 million head, a rise of almost 8% on 2001 levels.


This compares to around 122 million pigs in the EU-15.


Poland is the main pig-producing country in the region, with a herd of almost 19 million pigs. The herd grew by more than 8% during 2002, resulting in Poland accounting for almost half of the CEEC pig herd.


The other principal countries include Romania and Hungary with herd of just over five million head each, with a five per cent increase recorded during 2002.


Pig herds in the Czech Republic declined slightly during the year, to reach 3.43 million head.


Marginal increases were recorded in the Lithuanian and Slovakian pig herds; reported 1.06 and 1.55 million head respectively.


The size of the pig herd in Malta and Cyprus, which are due to join the EU in May 2004, stands at a combined 569,000 head.


Cyprus accounts for 491,000 of the total, with the herd showing a rise of almost 9% in 2002.