November 5, 2003



USDA Amends Swine Interstate Movement Regulations

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is amending regulations pertaining to the interstate movement of swine.


The amended regulations limit the requirement for mandatory veterinary inspections, at intervals of 30 days or less, to swine that are or will be in the process of moving interstate within a swine production system and also to the premises on which the swine are to be housed.

After effecting the change, swine that have arrived at a finishing house or other final destination within the system would no longer be required to undergo veterinary inspections at intervals of 30 days or less. In order to ensure that finishing house animals will still undergo regular health monitoring, swine that have completed their movement within the system, as well as the premises on which they are housed, will undergo inspected according to existing regulations for the state of destination.

This final rule will reduce the frequency of veterinary inspections for swine that have completed their movement within a single swine production system without diminishing the effectiveness of APHIS' swine disease monitoring and surveillance activities.

This final rule is published on November 3 Federal Register and will be effected on December 3.