November 4, 2016

Pas Reform: Chile's Ariztía chooses SmartPro™ NF incubation to expand hatchery




Chile's family-run Ariztía is expanding its largest broiler hatchery at Malvilla, near San Antonio, with SmartPro™ NF series incubators from Pas Reform.


As a leading international food business, Ariztía exports poultry and poultry meat products to more than 20 countries worldwide. The company is now eight years into a programme to upgrade four hatcheries with single-stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform.


The latest hatchery upgrade follows the expansion of a turkey hatchery in Tremolen, another broiler hatchery in Arica and the complete renovation of Aritzía's Cobb GP hatchery at Lagunillas, also with Smart™ incubation.


The Malvilla hatchery has been using a 54-egg tray for the incubation process which, due to fixed racks in the incubators, is a labour-intensive, multi-stage process. With the installation of the SmartSetPro™ NF series 24 trolley setters and SmartHatchPro™ NF series hatchers, more efficient, single-stage incubation will be introduced without any need to replace the trays, Rolando Vera, head of hatcheries at Ariztia said.


"This is the first step in renovating our entire Malvilla hatchery into a single-stage operation," Vera commented. "Where we have already introduced single-stage incubation at our other hatcheries, we have seen a marked improvement in hatchability and in the quality of the day-old chicks. We are confident that the Malvilla renovation will also deliver increased efficiencies and the improvements that we are looking for."


In this first stage at Malvilla, Pas Reform will install six SmartSetPro™ NF 24 trolley setters, each with a capacity of 124,416 hatching eggs and 11 SmartHatchPro™ 6 hatchers, with individual capacities of 31,104.


Company owner and president Don Manuel Ariztía concludes: "We have worked very satisfactorily with Pas Reform over the past eight years and we have seen improvements in our incubation systems. The fact that they can also deliver their SmartPro™ incubation technology on the 54-egg tray system that we use already in Malvilla is a real advantage for us."


The Malvilla expansion project will be installed in the first quarter of 2017.


- Pas Reform

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