November 4, 2011


Philippine beef imports climb in September


In September, Philippine beef imports increased 10% on-year to 9,964 tonnes swt.


Imports from most markets improved on-year, except for the US (down 21%) and India (down 8%), reports Philippines' Department of Animal Industry.


In the nine months to September 2011, beef imports fell 10% on-year to 73,424 tonnes swt, largely due to falls in imports from India (down 17%), Australia (down 1%), US (down 8%) and Brazil (down 43%).


According to industry sources, meat safety issues were on the rise in the Philippines in September, following the Bureau of Animal Industry's ban on US ground beef originating from several US states (due to E.coli contamination) and reports on the mishandling of local pork and chicken in wet markets. As a result of the food safety concerns, demand for Australian beef is expected to remain strong for the rest of 2011. 


Wholesale Australian chilled beef prices in the Philippines during September were reportedly stable compared with August. Australian chilled tenderloin prices averaged PHP1,100 per kilogramme (US$25 per kilogramme), while US chilled tenderloin prices averaged PHP1,890 per kilogramme (US$44 per kilogramme). Prices for frozen Australian striploin, ribeye and rump remained firm, averaging PHP700 per kilogramme (US$16 per kilogramme) and PHP450 per kilogramme (US$10 per kilogramme), respectively.

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